Template Questions

TI.1 Why should I buy a web template?

TI.2 What is a web template?

TI.3 How do I open and edit this .psd file?

TI.4 Can you add something custom to my template?

TI.5 If I purchase a template do I have exclusive ownership of it?

TI.6 Do I have to put a link back to 321Templates.com on my website?

TI.7 How do I open this .zip file that the template is in?

TI.8 Do I have to buy this template for every page on my site?

TI.9 Is the price for each template a one time fee?

TI.10 What HTML editor can I use to edit my new template?

TI.11 How do I get my free month of web hosting?

TI.12 What is a unique price?

TI.13 How do I open and edit this .swf file?

Ordering Questions

OI.1 How will I receive my template after I purchase it?

OI.2 I paid but I never received my template, what is the problem?

OI.3 Is ordering from 321Templates.com safe and secure?

General Questions

GI.1 What is 321Templates.com?

GI.2 Can I count on 321Templates.com?